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 Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Association de l’industrie de la langue/Language Industry Association (AILIA) is Canada’s industry representative in all matters pertaining to the language industry, including sectors such as translation, interpretation, terminology, training and technology. In 2008, AILIA launched the first ever national standard for translation services, CAN/CGSB‑131.10‑2008, Translation Services.

The CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008 includes all applicable definitions, in addition to sections on Human Resources, Technical Competencies, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Client‑TSP Relationship, Project Management Procedures and the Translation Process.

The benefits of this new certification are:

Assuring clients
The CAN/CGSB‑131.10‑2008, Translation Services Standard will give clients assurance that the TSP meets criteria deemed important in the delivery of translation services. AILIA’s position is that by having access to independently audited suppliers, purchasers of translation services in Canada are better protected.

Creating a level playing field
An important business objective of the CAN/CGSB‑131.10‑2008, Translation Services Standard is to create a level playing field for translation service providers. The certification will give clients the added assurance that the TSP applies certain quality control measures. Certified TSPs will therefore be required to make certain investments, making competition fairer. AILIA’s position is that all TSPs offering services in Canada should be able to provide independent proof of their competency in translation service delivery.      

Supporting contracting
The CAN/CGSB‑131.10‑2008, Translation Services Standard can act as a baseline for contracting procedures. By focusing on auditing translation services processes, the certification becomes a natural tool for contracting authorities to use when purchasing translation services. AILIA’s position is that conformity to an independent certification should be the basis for procurement policy and practices among purchasers of translation services.      

Supporting professional certification
Although leading Canadian TSPs promote professional certification for their employees and subcontractors, the CAN/CGSB‑131.10‑2008, Translation Services Standard takes an extra step by supporting professional certification and listing it as a criterion for CGSB certification. AILIA’s position is that a strong Canadian professional body is an essential pillar for a quality Canadian translation sector.


My company, Versacom, recently obtained the CAN/CGSB-131.10–2008 certification.


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